Gel Techniques

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Gel Techniques-What can our gels do?

Horsing is well known for its capability of very soft gel products that go below 10 degree of Shore A durometer. Most of our gel formulas are developed for products that are set to be used in the level of medical and skin care fields. On the other hands, they are friendly for skin contact. Besides, we are also open for formula development for other fields and applications.
With its own in-house CNC mold making equipments and a graphic center, Horsing ensure fast developing lead time with quality results. Below are the general gel techniques that Horsing is capable of.

  • Soft gel Injection
  • Cushion Gel on Fabric/Foam
  • Gel with Self-adhesive Ability
  • Gel with Velcro Backing
  • Gel Welded in Film
  • Anti-slip & Anti-slide
Liquid Silicone Injection (LIMS)

TPE Injection

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